I've got a stack of Post-its and a Sharpie,

and I'm on a mission to re-postrophe New York City.

Friday, April 9, 2010

beefy disappointment

After being thrown so rudely out of Starbucks, I was granted a reprieve. The sun shone proudly on Mr. Beef, directly across the street on 86th between 19th and 20th Ave in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Two misused apostrophes at once! Oh Mr. Beef, is this why you had to shut down?

While standing there, gazing at the beautiful awning, I wished with all of my might for what every girl needs. A freakishly tall person willing to stick a post-it on an awning. As luck has it, a train had just arrived and a young man walking down from the platform was more than willing to oblige. A little off center, but you can't irk the wish granters.

and it says...

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